SLAP! Asia Kink Conference (Singapore)


Congratulations to Singapore Learn & Play! for successfully hosting the 1st ever Asia Kink Conference!

You have cast a pebble that will ripple for a long time with sex positivity and deep joy for a long time to come. A truly international event conceived of passion, created by hard work by it’s dedicated organizers and volunteers, and enjoyed with squeals of delight by all attendees.

Thank you for letting me be part of this!

34M Switch:

A big thanks to all the organizers for putting together this event and making sure the needs of the attendees are well met. This comes in little gestures like signs as well as well making sure rooms are properly equipped.

Shout out to volunteers and anyone else who have contributed their time, energy and resources to this event. It is very encouraging to see people banding together to help out every bit they can even all the way till the event ended and possibly after as well.

The event was a nice eye opener allowing attendees to try something that they’ve never tried before, some of which requires an event such as a convention to allow us easy access to such ‘treats’. A few examples were the Vacbed, cage, suspension etc.

31F Kitten:

I think it was really informative and the workshop presenters really made an effort to ensure skills were properly imparted.

I do feel that the time for each workshop was so short. Could have a slightly longer workshop in future. And we did notice that due to the location, it could get quite warm.

Overall everything was really well planned out for, the play party was truly awesome as we get to see what everyone is doing and into.

Would absolutely attend again if it ever comes round next year =)

Kudos to all the volunteers and Organisers for making this kink conf a reality.


SLAP! Skill-Share Series

30F Sub:

[We] thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! It’s really great to learn from others who’ve been in the scene and are open to share their experiences. It’s really refreshing. We especially love that we can practice stuff right on the spot even though there were time constraints.

For the demo sessions I find that we truly need more time to practice what we’ve learnt. Maybe making the sessions half day sessions instead or cutting down topics to one so that we can focus on one?

But other than that, keep it up! We are definitely keen to keep attending for sure!

34M Dom:

great workshops, both. informative, even for people who have been playing for a while. really liked the approach – instructional, but not wall-of-texty.

33M Switch:

What made the workshop more interesting and entertaining was the personal anecdotes accompanying the lesson points. I also thought the casual approach and demeanors by both [the presenters] helped make it less dry than it could’ve been.

All in all, danger points were properly highlighted which I feel if there is anything one SHOULD take home, that should be it.

35M Switch:

the [rope workshop] was good… cheers, fun, laughter, applause… my vanilla gf enjoyed being there and getting tied in the cosy environment! i think it says a lot that for her, she actually felt happy during as well as after the entire session although she was nervous about who the fellow attendees were before the class (normal butterflies in the tummy)… that speaks a lot about the environment we had! thumbs up

40M Hedonist:

As newbies we really appreciate the attentiveness and care that goes into setting something like this up, the skills of the presenters, willingness to share experience that is shown by the moderators. Thank you very much. We’ll do our bit by practicing.

29M Dom:

Even though I could only make it for the Humiliation section, it was a really really great learning experience, especially the really frank and informative Q&A.

Thanks @adriannamay, @Forsak3n and @amber-wine for the presentation and setting this up. Looking forward to the next one :)

33M Switch:

Many thanks for organizing this great skill share Event this weekend! I very much enjoyed the whole Event and your presentation about humiliation play was fantastic!

27F Switch:

Great events. Even as an experienced player I got a lot out of all of them.

36M Sub:

Thank You @SLAP organizers for an excellent event and i am sorry i could only attend one session (the [anal play] one). my presenter was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, I feel a lot more confident to explore now. :)


SLAP! Discussion Series

28F Sub:

Discussion wise, we covered many topics, and despite what you think, I think there was sufficient air time given to everyone? Relevant questions were raised and there was quite a bit of back and forth at certain parts with everyone chipping in. I thought that went great! As moderators, you were able to guide the conversation and keep us straying too far off topic.

I love the breadth of your notes. It was comprehensive, and even though some topics were lightly skimmed upon, it’s nice to be able to bring it back and read it more thoroughly.

As someone who’s been at it for a while, it’s nice to have a refresher on the basics. :D

25M Top:

Safety comes first was really pushed thru and carried forward today. Thanks for educating!

24F Sub:

It was a great discussion. Thanks to the mods who moderated the discussion, kept track of the questions and ensured that we stayed on topic when we digressed. This was the guy mentioned during the discussion, in case anyone’s interesting.

Thanks for such a fun time, and can’t wait for the next discussion group.

20F Sub:

Venue was alright, a little tight to accommodate the group but it wasn’t bad.

Everyone was extremely insightful and friendly, acknowledging new faces and making sure each topic is covered from different angles. Moderators knew when to step in to avoid side tracking.

For a newbie, it can be intimidating to go for such events, I think the only problem I had was trying to catch up and get myself involved. I think it’s a personal issue for certain individuals, but I personally feel that such discussions should be paced uniformly- to suit everyone and anyone from varying experiences.

I don’t have any further comments but would definitely love to attend again soon. Thank you for the lovely evening :)



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