SLAP! Rope Jam

Practice makes perfect! The SLAP! Rope Jam is for rope enthusiasts to meet, connect and learn, regardless of their skill levels.

Rope Jam is a peer learning event, and is open to even complete beginners (both tops and bottoms). Many of us began our foray into ropes through workshops and self-learning, but this rope journey is often a lonely one. For the rope bottoms, there is seldom a chance to socialise, exchange tips, and share problems with other bottoms. For tops, there is hardly an occasion to observe how other tops tie. The aim of Rope Jam is to provide a safe and open space for members of the community to practise and explore. We can all learn something and find the answers to our questions from the shared experiences of the community.

Format: Peer learning, individual practice
Level: All levels of experience. Suitable for complete beginners
Equipment: See below
Attire: Comfortable, form-fitting clothing. Yoga/dance/tights attire is ideal.

The event will start off with an hour or so of facilitated peer learning in small groups to tap on our collective wisdom. The group part (#togethertime) will be pretty free flowing, covering topics that participants want to focus on that week. If you want to have a discussion on how to be a better bottom, or need advice on a particular tie you have been learning, this will be a good time to ask. Beginners will also be guided through a basic 101 on ropes and communication/negotiation during this time. Following that, the remaining 2 hours are free practice time for participants to work on their rope practice in their own favourite corners.

The venue will have 4-6 suspension points and abundant space for floorwork. Please be mindful of your noise level at the venue and clean up after yourselves. Nudity and sexual play will not be permitted at this event.

To find out more, please check out our Fetlife page.

Some ideas (a non-exhaustive list) we have for #togethertime include:

For everyone:

  • How to communicate with your partner
  • Anatomy. Nerves, joints, etc.
  • How to become more involved in the process of making the scene successful for both of you

For bottoms:

  • How to identify good pain vs bad pain
  • How to to last longer in ropes, make ties more sustainable
  • How to have good body awareness, knowing your own body
  • Knowing your own limitations
  • Stretching exercises

For tops:

  • Deeper explorations into various ways to tie a single-column, and advantages/disadvantages
  • Different ways to join rope
  • Hair ties
  • Rope handling drills
  • Futomomo/TK/Chest Harness/Hip Harness/Agura/pattern variations
  • TK 3rd rope variants
  • Different ways to tie/attach suspension lines
  • Many others


What should bottoms expect?
You can bottom at your own comfort level, or try a new tie. Please be aware of your own body’s limitations and expect to have proper negotiations before agreeing to be tied. Active communication between top and bottom is fundamental to a satisfying scene.

What should tops expect?
You can learn and practise rope at your own pace, and build up your rope confidence. You should be respectful, and take responsibility for your actions. If you need guidance, we are happy to share what we know. However, note that this is a peer learning event and not a workshop, so other participants will also have things they want to accomplish during the event.

I’m new to ropes, can I come?
Sure, Rope Jam is a low pressure event where you can absorb information at your own pace. We can teach you the basics during the first part of the event to get you started on your rope journey. There will be a briefing about negotiations, consent and safety for all newcomers.

Do I need a partner? Can I come alone?
It is a good idea to sign up with someone you are comfortable with tying. However, a partner is not necessary for the event. We can try to pair people up, but taking initiative and being open to approaching and negotiating with other participants will definitely lead to more fruitful partnerships. If you intend to come just to observe how other people do their thing or practise self-tying, that’s also okay! No pressure!

What is permitted at the event?
This is a rope event so only rope related scenes are allowed. Sexual play and nudity are not permitted. Due to our venue, loud activities such as spanking are also not allowed.
Photography of your ties is permitted, but please make sure you have the expressed permission of everyone in the shot, including in the background.
Please be respectful of other participants’ boundaries and space, and do not interrupt scenes that are on-going unless those in the scene have been asked beforehand.


SLAP! 2016 Review + 2017 Preview

As we start the new year, we’d like to take the opportunity to review some of what’s been happening at Singapore Learn and Play (SLAP!) during 2016 and talk about what is coming up in 2017.

On top of the discussions,workshops, parties, and rope socials facilitated by the SLAP! mods, we introduced some new formats last year, such as the Kink Geeks Dinner and the D/s Social.

At SLAP!, it has always been our goal to serve as a peer education platform for the Singapore BDSM community, and over the past year, we have had the privilege of hosting workshops by both local and foreign presenters/teachers.

  • YES! How to listen to and say it during kinky fun times by Shivre
  • Introduction to Needleplay and Play Piercing by Foxy
  • The Art and Beauty of Semenawa (責め縄) by subay
  • Rope Clinic by Taniguchi and Kiriko
  • Spanking by Kiriko
  • Caning by PrincessAmmy
  • Fetisch Film Festival screening and discussion

In the coming year, we would like to keep our workshops and events relevant to your needs, and to continue to draw on the diverse skills, talents, and interests of the community.

How you can help

  • Skill-shares,workshops, and discussions: There is such a diversity of kinky talents and interests within the community. We’d like YOU to step up and share your knowledge with the rest of the community to help all of us “level up” together.
  • Event spaces: We are always looking for appropriate spaces (at appropriate prices!) to host our events, be it for discussions, lecture workshops, hands-on workshops, rope spaces, etc. If you know of any kink-friendly spaces or are willing to let us use your private spaces, let us know! We’d be glad to provide references.

SLAP! would like to invite you, as a member of our wonderful community, to get in touch with us at or one of the SLAP! team if you can contribute in one of these ways!

What would you like to know more about?

Tell us more about the topics you’d like us to cover. Some events we’re likely to have in the coming year:

  • Erotic photography, from both sides of the lens
  • Connective body movement
  • Wax play
  • Electro-play
  • Movie discussions
  • Rope and D/s socials
  • Impact play
  • Rope
  • Fetisch Film Festival screening and discussion

Somerville Bowline: A more secure single column tie

When Nawakiri Shin was at the SLAP! rope social in November, he showed us a more secure way to tie a single-column tie called the Somerville Bowline. This was originally invented by @Topologist in 2009.

The most common type of single-column tie, the Boola Boola, has a tendency to collapse if the line tension shifts and comes in from the wrong direction. The Somerville bowline addresses this weakness and is stable under tension from multiple directions. It tends to be a bit looser, and is less suitable for ties that require tight wraps.

The original blog post describing the tie can be found HERE.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to do the Somerville Bowline:


Singapore Learn And Play (SLAP!) is a non-profit group that delivers quality learning experiences for the Singapore BDSM community. SLAP! Rope Socials are casual events revolving around rope bondage, meant for both riggers and bottoms. Demonstrate your favorite ties and exchange tips and techniques with other attendees. For more information on our upcoming events, visit our Fetlife discussion group or sign up for our mailing list