Our Guidelines

We value our members’ safety and privacy. We have put together a set of guidelines and policies that help us protect our members.

Who can attend events

Anyone in good standing with the community can attend a discussion group. Please provide your fetlife handle when registering for the event if you are new to SLAP. We do screen you preliminarily through your profile, and will meet you to be screened in person if we determine that you are not a creep (usually characterised by empty profiles with one or two cock pictures). It will also help us (and you) as we might have met you, but you might have introduced yourself differently from your registration.

We adopt a “vouching policy” for closed events like Peer Rope, skill shares and parties, as these will either take place at a private residence or a closed space. Members must be vouched for by any one of our facilitators (truffleupagus, RobinDoood, -Siluri-, -nemesis-) before being allowed to attend.

Any unfavourable behavior at an event and on this forum will result in a warning, possible disciplinary behavior, including suspensions and bans.

Screening policy

Screening of new applicants to our closed events will only take place at munches. Please let the SLAP moderators know that you would like to be screened so that we will make an effort to look out for you and introduce ourselves to you. Requests to meet up for screening outside of munches will not be entertained.

Participants to events are confirmed on a first come first serve basis. New participants have to be screened before their spaces will be confirmed. We do “hold” spaces for new members until the closest munch to the event is over. If the member was not successful due to either a no-show or incompatibility, we will open the spaces to those on our wait list.

We do practice selection, but only for events that are held at private spaces, i.e. someone’s home. The host, in such instances, will have prerogative to decide who he/she wants to admit. We recognise that opening up one’s home carries a certain amount of risk, and so we allow the host full control in this regard. All other events are on a first come first served basis as mentioned earlier.

We do allow vouched members to vouch for their partners (if we have not met their partners). Please note that you will be liable for your partner’s behavior at the event, and will be subject to the same disciplinary action if any action is required.

Cancellation and no-show policy

Payment for paid events is expected to be received in full at least 1 week prior. Cancellations made 72 hours before the event will receive full refunds. Cancellations made 24 hours before the event will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the event (including no-shows) will receive no refund.

The following no-show policy applies to all events. Please take note that you will be penalised if you accumulate 3 no-shows within 12 months. You will be suspended from pre-booking events for the next 12 months. You may still register your interest for our events, but priority will be given to others. This ensures that everyone gets a chance to attend events and there are no empty spots.

SLAP! does not condone playing with minors and/or playing when you are a minor.

  • Discussion groups and non-demo skill shares are open to anyone above 18.
  • Hands-on skill shares and parties are only open to members above 21.
  • We might request for your ID at events for the sole purpose of verifying age. If we do, we will provide you with tape to cover any other personal information.

Event etiquette
Please respect our members and their privacy when attending events.

  • Do not use/disclose any personal information even if you know that person personally
  • No photography / videography / recording is allowed at our events.
  • No cruising or soliciting. We run an educational series, not a dating joint.
  • Harassment and unsafe practices will not be tolerated.

Event specific rules

  • Rope Social rules are posted here
  • SLAP!fest Play Party rules are posted here

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