SLAP Events

Join SLAP!‘s Fetlife discussion forum to stay updated on our future events.

SLAP! Discussion Series “Let’s Chat About Kink” is open to all members and have limited attendance to ensure that discussions are conducive and that every participant takes something out of it. Members, both new and experienced, who have attended past discussions all said that they took back new knowledge after each session.

Some examples of discussion groups we have run include:

● Kink 101

● Safer Kinky Sex

● Dominance and submission

● Subspace, Subdrop, Aftercare

● Scene etiquette

● Authority Based Relationships (International Presenter)

● Polyamory and non-monogamy

SLAP! Skill­Share Series is aimed at helping members learn or refine techniques, with the main focus on safety. These are either non­demo (lecture style) or demo (hands­-on workshop) and are held in private spaces. We also bring in international guest presenters to share their knowledge with our local community.

Some examples of skill­shares we have run include:

● Scene Planning

● Kink on a Budget

● Humiliation Play

● Anal Play

● Pet Play

● Dominance and submission

● Impact Play (International Presenter)

● Shibari/Bondage (International Presenter)

● Sensory Deprivation (International Presenter)

SLAP! Special Events include sessions with international guests, or even film screenings. Sessions with international guests have been very well received and are usually fully booked very quickly.

SLAP! Rope Socials are casual events revolving around rope bondage. They are meant for both riggers and bottoms. Demonstrate your favorite ties and exchange tips and techniques with other attendees. Bring a snack or drinks (non-alcoholic) to share.


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