Amber has been an active member of the local BDSM community for the past 8 years, though she has practiced BDSM privately for more than a decade.

In 2009, Amber was offered a training collar by Will, a dominant she had built up a friendship with for many years prior. Amber took the plunge and became Will’s submissive-in-training, an act which propelled her straight into the local BDSM community in which Will was already an active member. The two tied the knot in 2013 and live a 24/7, total power exchange, Master/slave relationship.

Possessing a love for writing, Amber shares her thoughts and experiences in BDSM at amber-wine-writes.tumber.com. Amber’s blog has gained a fair bit of traction in the kink community, opening doors for her and her dominant husband where they have travelled. Inspired by the people she has met and learnt from, Amber hopes to, in turn, help others along their journey in BDSM.

Together with a few other experienced members of the BDSM community, Amber founded Singapore Learn and Play (SLAP!), a non-profit organisation that strives to provide quality and affordable BDSM education for the community. Amber leads discussions, presents skill shares and writes for SLAP!


Robin has been active in the Singapore BDSM community for the last three years, although he has been exploring kink privately for the last decade in Australia and the U.S.

He enjoys community building, and likes to build safe, collegial spaces for participants to learn and share their experiences and skills with each other. He feels that there is such a wealth of knowledge, experience and viewpoints floating around in the community, and seeks to facilitate the sharing of the knowledge.

While he currently identifies as a switch, Robin started out as a submissive bottom. He has been actively exploring his top side over the recent years and is enjoying the process of learning and discovery.

RobinDoood is one of the founding members of Singapore Learn and Play (SLAP!), a non-profit organisation that strives to provide quality and affordable BDSM education for the community, where he leads discussions, presents skill-shares and writes for SLAP!. He is always interested in hearing about new ideas/formats/mediums for BDSM education.


-Siluri- aka Stella (because everyone in kink needs a credible vanilla name) has been in the Singapore scene since early 2014 but firmly swears that “That Godawful Book has nothing to do with it, nope, not at all”, having always been very curious about “Why Humans Do The Things They Do”.

Having started in kink and ethical non-monogamy around the same time, she values radical honesty with partners kinky and otherwise. Stella advocates taking calculated risks in all things and sees SLAP! as being a much-needed voice of sanity for newcomers. She enjoys doing her bit to make the relatively young Singapore scene safer and more inclusive.

Stella identifies as a kinkster because she does whatever the heck she wants, subject to negotation and her actually feeling like it with the person concerned. She can occasionally be found rabidly suggesting articles for inclusion on the WordWize listing of educational writing on FetLife, taking hopefully subversively beautiful photographs or appalling the locals in Berlin dungeons with her attempt at German.


Nemesis has been active in the Singapore BDSM community for the last two years, despite the fact that her private exploration in this wonderful lifestyle started around ten years ago.

With the scattered experiences gathered in her exploration as a submissive, she enjoys connecting with other practitioners of BDSM, sharing in various experiences and sentiments of BDSM. It is in this continual shared space of vivid diversity that reinvigorates Nemesis. For she believes that BDSM is a highly dynamic and unceasingly interesting phenomena that means vastly different things to different people.

Nemesis joined the SLAP! team in 2017. Amidst aiding with educational desires of the Singaporean community on BDSM in general, she also wishes to foster the development and enrichment of D/s-centric matters.

Nemesis can also be usually found at the Singapore U35 munch, sipping beer and partaking in a decadent conversation or two. Come say hi!


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