Singapore Learn And Play (SLAP!)
Because we believe in Learning before Playing.

SLAP! is a non-profit group that delivers quality BDSM learning experiences for the local community.

Who is SLAP! ?

SLAP! is the first and only BDSM education group in Singapore. Our focus is on creating a safe space for members of the community to learn together.

SLAP! exists as a separate body from the current social munches, with the main purpose of filling the gap within the Singapore BDSM community – quality education.

With the support of both local and neighbouring BDSM communities, SLAP! aims to provide an avenue for the community to learn in a safe environment.

Why SLAP! ?

SLAP! is dedicated to quality teaching and learning of BDSM practices. Our events cater to different needs in the community, from discussion groups and skill share sessions to a potential conference, all of which are aimed at equipping the community with the knowledge and techniques necessary for engaging in BDSM safely.

We frequently host guest speakers from bigger, more experienced communities who share their skills and experiences with the community. We ride on our facilitators’ close ties with international communities to make this happen.

We emphasise discretion and safety. We have a strict vouching policy that aims to safeguard our members. We keep our events small, and we make it a point to ensure that every single event is well-prepared, well-organised and well-executed.

The people behind SLAP!

SLAP! is led by a group of experienced lifestylers who have benefited much from the kink communities locally and internationally. Inspired by the best practices of these communities, our facilitators now want to give back to the community by sharing their experiences and skills.

How SLAP! Works?

We organise a range of different events to suit the needs of the community.

SLAP! discussions are open to all members and have limited attendance to ensure that discussions are conducive and that every participant takes something out of it. Members, both new and experienced, who have attended past discussions all said that they took back new knowledge after each session.

Some examples of discussions we have run include:

  • Kink 101
  • Safer Kinky Sex
  • Subspace, Subdrop, Aftercare
  • Authority Based Relationships (International Presenter)

SLAP! skillshares are aimed at helping members learn or refine techniques, with a focus on safety. These are either non-demo (lecture style) or demo (hands-on workshop) and are held in private spaces. We also bring in international guest presenters to share their knowledge with our local community.

Some examples of skill-shares we have run include:

  • Building Kinky Scenes
  • Kink on a Budget
  • Humiliation Play
  • The Art of Domination
  • Impact Play (International Presenter)
  • Shibari (International Presenter)
  • Sensory Deprivation (International Presenter)

We also run play parties and rope socials (in the works) on a regular basis.

Protecting Our Members

We value our members’ safety and privacy. We have put together a set of guidelines and policies that help us protect our members. These can be viewed in more detail here.

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