How to clean out your rectum for anal play

I had the privilege of teaching a class on anal play this weekend, as part of SLAP!’s December series of skill shares. I’d like to thank the participants for being so engaged. I had a lot of fun sharing my knowledge with you.

During our class, we went over how to clean your rectum for basic anal play. This method will cover 95% of all anal play scenarios, other than deep fisting and deep enema play. Here’s a good video that goes over the key principles. The video uses a shower-shot, but any of the usual enema methods will work.

  • Don’t use too much water. We don’t want water going into the colon
  • Water going into the colon tends to get trapped and stimulate the intestines into moving more feces down. This tends to lead to a bit of a mess
  • You’ll need to experiment to get the amount of water right
  • Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear
  • (Optional) Wait 1-2 hours for any remaining water to get re-absorbed by the rectum

SLAP! is a non-profit group that delivers quality learning experiences for the Singapore BDSM community. The SLAP! Skill­Share Series is aimed at helping members learn or refine techniques, with the main focus being on safety. These are either non­demo (lecture style) or demo (hands­-on workshop) and are held in private spaces. For more information on our upcoming events, visit our Fetlife discussion group or sign up for our mailing list

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About RobinDoood

RobinDoood has been active in the Singapore BDSM community for the last five years, although he has been exploring kink privately for the last decade in Australia and the U.S. He enjoys community building, and likes to build safe, collegial spaces for participants to learn and share their experiences and skills with each other. He feels that there is such a wealth of knowledge, experience and viewpoints floating around in the community, and seeks to facilitate the sharing of the knowledge. While he currently identifies as a switch, RobinDoood started out as a submissive bottom. He has been actively exploring his top side over the recent years and is enjoying the process of learning and discovery. RobinDoood is one of the founding members of Singapore Learn and Play (SLAP!), a non-profit organisation that strives to provide quality and affordable BDSM education for the community, where he leads discussions, presents skill-shares and writes for SLAP!. He is always interested in hearing about new ideas/formats/mediums for BDSM education.

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